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The Lone Fish Finally Swims

February 28, 2012


Tonight I went swimming. It was not as difficult as I’d let myself believe it was. There is a pool just near me, relatively. The whole building is labelled Dongdan Sports Centre in letters that must be visible from space. But it’s not clear how to get in. I suffered a whole over-heated summer without […]

Fairy Fox

February 27, 2012


 It’s been two weeks of really bad air now – sore nose, sore throat. Hoping nothing lasts forever. Until the wind changes, trying not to go outside too much. I wish some factories would close down. I can deal with the car pollution but not these smoggy toxic clouds aswell. Be like Australians! Buy local. […]


February 25, 2012


The young fashionable Beijing thing wears the skins of wild animals from head to toe, including dangly bits on her mobile phone. It is always fox. I hadn’t seen my Chinese teacher for months. She came to my home last week to give me a lesson. She told me she has left the school and […]

Cultural Learnings from Fashion

February 20, 2012


Yesterday I went to a talk by a visiting Norwegian anthropologist held at an LGBT centre in Beijing. It was translated into Chinese which gave me time to gaze around the room during translations. The room was hot and crowded. There were more check shirts and cardigans I’ve seen in one place since visiting Taiwan. […]

Rubbish and the Poor

February 19, 2012


I’ve not been feeling very well this week. I had to go home Friday morning and take the day off sick. I’ve spent most of Friday and Saturday lying on the sofa. I went outside yesterday evening, but still the air smells bad and has a choking quality. I don’t want to go outside. The […]

Chinese Fish

February 14, 2012


Fish-keeping is a popular hobby in China, so it is fairly easy to acquire the fish and paraphernalia. I bought some fish for my aquarium at the weekend. I took a photo of my tank on my phone, and I cut some pieces of wool to show the measurements of the tank. I took these […]

Abused Air

February 13, 2012


This is not a good day. The air is a disgrace. I decided to check the air quality reading from the US Embassy Beijing Air Quality Monitor – the only reliable source of information: 02-13-2012; 22:00; PM2.5; 332.0; 382; Hazardous (at 24-hour exposure at this level) 382 is the index. Anything above 100 is a […]