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Pirates and Sailors in Tasmania

April 11, 2012


Pirates and Sailors, Tasmania, 1 April 201 Sailors at the bar: “Don’t eat alone, nah don’t be stupid, come and join us…” I take the opportunity for a first-hand social anthropology study of local crewmen. They are from Tasmania, in their 50s I’d say. The bosun has a bristly moustache. The other is slender and […]

Lucy Jordan

March 4, 2012


Why do Sundays feel the same everywhere in the end? Whether it’s people in blue Mao suits cycling their rusted trike-cart down a hutong, or a youth strolling down the Magdalen Road in Oxford with a bulldog. Sundays look the same everywhere. Perhaps it’s my eyes that haven’t changed. On this Sunday evening, my head […]

The Russian Connection

February 3, 2012


Today my colleague asked me to have a chat with an interview candidate, in order to judge her English ability. She was from Inner Mongolia (which is a province of China). I asked her why she chose to study Law, and she said actually it wasn’t her real choice, she had to choose between Law […]

The Spirit of Beijingers

February 1, 2012


It was a clear bright day today. I went to the park at lunch-time to use the exercise machines. I was wearing my ski-pants. My face hurt from the cold. I strolled through the usual bunches of people who are either doing some group activity or else sitting around aimlessly (in the sub-zero weather) watching […]

The Real Life of Dogs in Beijing

January 31, 2012


I miss the dog. I don’t want to eat my dinner. There is no-one who wants to steal from it. No-one who wants me to tug a rabbit with them afterwards. My Chinese neighbour asked me about the dog when Xiao Bai was still here. A lot of my communication with my neighbour is guess-work. […]

Ice in the Shimmery Dusk at Houhai

January 27, 2012


Houhai is the name of the lakes that used to be imperial playgrounds at one time. They are a lovely oasis in the middle of the city, surrounded by streets with trees in them, which is a blessing not found everywhere in Beijing. (Why are there so few birds in Beijing? Because there are not […]