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From Hutong to High-Rise: I moved

September 18, 2012


My new home is very different to the hutong. I have moved out of a living relic of ancient China and been thrust into the heart of modern aspirations in Beijing. My hutong was so quiet and dark at night, I could not tell I was living in a city of 25 million people. My […]

Emei Shan

May 20, 2012


Postcard from travels in Emei Shan: I am on holiday and travelling in Sichuan province with a couple of companions at Emei Shan.  Yesterday we started at the foot of the mountain and set off on our pilgrimage with bamboo poles and a bag of nuts. We visited several temples at the start of the […]

Warships, sand-dunes and koala cuddling

March 24, 2012


It has been a monstrously busy day. After breakfast at 11, I strolled through the gardens by the river, past the white ibis and the people swimming in the splendid pools with beautifully designed water fountains and jets in all directions. Leisure feels very enlightened in this city. At the end of the park was […]

The Journey Home

March 13, 2012


As I struggle to remain conscious in this blurry haze of death-inducing pollution, let me talk you through a typical journey home after work. These days, I try to leave the office before I am the last person, since I discovered that our office is haunted. We are on the 15th floor, as floors 13 […]

798 – Art: Darkness, Twitching Frogs and Nudity….

March 8, 2012


On my birthday I got a box of chocolates from the Beijing office, and I ate them for my dinner. The next morning I went to the trendy ex-factory 798 art district to take in some art on my day off. Being mid-week there were few day-trippers, but some gangs of funky looking youths with […]

The Lone Fish Finally Swims

February 28, 2012


Tonight I went swimming. It was not as difficult as I’d let myself believe it was. There is a pool just near me, relatively. The whole building is labelled Dongdan Sports Centre in letters that must be visible from space. But it’s not clear how to get in. I suffered a whole over-heated summer without […]

Exercing in the park & winning prizes!

January 16, 2012


I like to go to the park with one of my colleagues at lunch time. We walk along a busy road of six lanes for 5 minutes then we enter the gates of the park, which is like walking into a retired person’s funfair. To the right, there is a small hill with lots of […]